American Journal of Scientific Research
 Issue 20
 July, 2011
Deliberation of the Effect of Educational Technology on Teachers' Professional Advancement in Iran's Schools
Hemmat Mohammadnejad and Seddighe Salehi
Correlation Analysis of Outgoing Call Quality of GSM 900MHz Network Services in Epe, Lagos State
Shoewu, O. and Edeko, F. O.
Voltage Support and Stability Enhancement using STATCOM
Sayed Mojtaba Shirvani Boroujeni, Reza Hemmati, Hamideh Delafkar and Elahe Behzadipour
Arash Manifestation in the Persian Literature
Elias Nooraei
Comparing Adaptive Medium Access Control Protocol with Sensor Medium Access Control Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Abdusalam, Muhammad Abrar and Muhammad Amin
Investigation of Canopy Gap Size in Mountain Deciduous Forest on Beech Saplings in North of Iran
Seyed Armin Hashemi
Effect of Nutrition Different Systems on Yield and Yield Component of Corn (Zea mays L. cv. SC704)
Kh Azizi, H. Lashani, Gh Mohammadi, D. Kahrizi and Kh. Yari
Effects of Rising Eustatic Sea Level on Earthquake Frequency along Shelf Areas of Pakistan
Muhammad Usman, Kashif Adeel, Masood Ali Khan, Sehrish Wali and Najeeb Ahmad Amir
Applying Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm for Economic Load Dispatch of Power System
H. Chahkandi Nejad, R. Jahani and Gh. R. Sarlak
Systems of Financial and Minatory Resources Provision for Support of Entrepreneurs
Ebrahim Kheradmand, Rasoul Masrouri and Alireza Lotfi
An Investigation into the Determinant of Effective Factors on Tax Evasion (Empirical Study of Iran Tax Affairs Organization)
Reza Gharoie Ahangar, Hadi Kamali Bandpey and Hamid Alinejad Rokny
The Effects of Entrepreneurship & Innovation on Economic Growth
Maysam Musai, Saeid Garshasbi Fakhr and Marzieh Fatemi Abhari
Basic Education Schools Administrators' Perceptions towards Sustainable Planning Development in Sultanate of Oman
Wajeha Thabet Khadem Al-Ani and Ismail Hussein Amzat
A Survey of Clustering Schemes for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET)
Ismail Ghazi Shayeb, AbdelRahman Hamza Hussein and Ayman Bassam Nasoura
Isan Fabric: Developing Textiles for Teenagers
Songkoon Chantachon